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Anal sex tips | Try this fantasy

Men love to have anal sex, but many women are not comfortable with this act, which is usually extremely pleasurable for their followers. Escorts are experts in this sexual practice and help their clients to experience this dominant and rewarding technique. There are very useful techniques and tips to have anal sex without fear, after all, sex should not be painful, it should be pleasant, see some tips to make everything delicious.

anal sex with escortsRelax first, begin the stimulation gradually and move forward as there is permission and pleasure. Regardless of the position, the body must be prepared, that is, the person must be comfortable and relaxed. Foreplay is important at this time. “Before any penetration, it is important to stimulate the anus with fingers or accessories that relax the muscle and provide greater security.
How about going to the sex shop? There are products that facilitate penetration, if you are doing anal with an escort you will probably have erotic toys and creams to stimulate and facilitate sex. There are oils that help the feeling of relaxation and anal plugs, they are great. All accessories for anal penetration must have a support base for safety. Because the anal muscle tends to "suck" objects, you better be careful not to end up in the hospital, this would not be pleasant.
anal sex on the sideAnal sex on the side, a favorable position is on the side, since there is no such deep penetration, it can provide more relaxation. The best positions are those in which you both feel comfortable and free to enjoy.
The classic anal sex scene in porn movies, on all fours. It is important to note that the penetration in this case is deeper and more intense. . A positive point is that women are free to manipulate the clitoris during anal penetration. And the man will be able to caress, and manipulate the sex of his partner, facilitating orgasm, try this position with a luxury escort with whom you will fall in love and climax easily.
anal sex tipsRespect the limits, it is important that the couple knows how to identify their partner's preferences and never exceed their limits, only then will your partner accept new experiences without fear, this will facilitate the climax and you will have intense orgasms.
Hygiene, of course, to perform anal sex it is essential to be up to date with personal hygiene to avoid possible infections and also to promote orgasm without major worries or regrets.
Finally, most men love to practice anal sex, either with their partner, or with a beautiful escort in Madrid, the important thing is to do it, after a few times you will surely become an expert in the art. of anal sex.

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