BeginningMagazineDo you know erotic massages?

Do you know erotic massages?

Who does not like erotic massages? A pleasant and very simple way to reduce work stress, the routine in general is with a super erotic massage session, the sensations are indescribable, just enjoy those wonderful touches and enjoy to the fullest.

erotic massagesErotic massages relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, and promote restful sleep. In addition to the bodily benefits, there are many types of massages, but today we will only talk about the most sensual, we will talk about the erotic massages performed with escorts in Madrid and their stimulating effects on the preliminaries for men and women.

The sexual preliminaries are very important to have the best of sex, erotic massages such as sexual games, body to body, use of sensual oils etc ... This type of sensual massage produces pleasure by gently caressing the skin of the other person from head to toe , passing through all parts of the body. For those who receive, feeling touched in a sensual way makes their excitement skyrocket.

Erotic massages have a whole series of effects that benefit sexual practice either with your partner or a luxury escort. They certainly increase desire before sex, stimulate the erogenous zones, relax and improve blood circulation in all parts of the body. In addition, it puts an end to the routine of the couple, creating new situations and incredible sensations that break the classic sexual relationship.

In this massage caresses play an important role, the rubbing of our body with the other person and, above all, rubbing. The intensity should be controlled, neither high nor low. You can start with the feet and gradually work your way up the other person's body: legs, buttocks, back, face, then go down the same places and end on the genitals, it's fantastic.

Erotic massage tips

  • Being in an intimate and relaxed environment, candles and slow music help, because what we are looking for here is to calm down, prepare for action.
  • Be careful with the nails, they should not be too long.
  • Rub your hands together before putting them on, especially if it is winter, imagine cold hands, the effect will be the opposite.
  • Buy oils created specifically for erotic massages, they have aromas and even flavors.
  • Do not use only your hands, also use other parts of your body: feet, legs, lips and tongue, free yourself, enjoy.
  • In addition to the body, you can use other elements such as flower petals, silk scarves, there are numerous options to complement the massage and the environment.

erotic massage pleasures in MadridThe pleasures of erotic massage are sought after by many, more and more Madrid escorts provide this service, so your meeting will be simply perfect. These professionals know many sensual massage techniques, they know how to touch, how to get involved in the moment, relaxing before sex is one of the most pleasant situations there is. Sexual foreplay is the most requested option and that is why its practice tends to be increasingly common in the world of paid sex.

The pleasure you get from an erotic massage is unlike anything you've ever seen before. Little by little you will notice that you are very excited, full of sensations, vibrations and more than ready to end this stress, the massage will allow you to discover your erogenous places.
With so much information, it is now easy for you to have the perfect night, ask for a qualified luxury escort to give you a super sensual massage and discover everything that your body can offer you in terms of innovative sensations.

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