BeginningMagazineDo you know the trivia about prostitutes in Amsterdam?

Do you know the trivia about prostitutes in Amsterdam?

1- Prostitution in Amsterdam, this famous city in Europe has many curiosities, we will list some very interesting facts about life in this place and the existing prostitution that attracts thousands of people every year. Sex has always been part of the history of Amsterdam, we see that the city was a naval center, then it became a port municipality. For this reason, many workers made stops in the city, to then continue their long journeys. In these stops, in addition to the well-deserved rest, many entertainment was offered, and of course, a lot of sex, which ended up becoming a bargaining chip. This is how sex workers emerged in the city, the sad side is that many were trafficked, this is the very sad side of the story. Thus begins the sexual fame of Amsterdam, so in the city there are many tourist attractions related to sex, such as the Red Light District, the Sex Museum, the Erotic Museum, Sex shops and much more ...

escorts in Madrid2- The city of Madrid has a large number of escorts and an aspect similar to that of other European countries on the subject, however the Dutch treat prostitution in a very natural way, since it is part of their history. The red light showcases. The Red Light District or the Red Light District is one of the most curious places in Amsterdam, one of the most famous places in the world, thanks to the sex tourism that exists in the region, including the Museum of Prostitution, and its famous women that are exhibited in the window. Furthermore, sex workers in Amsterdam have a legal profession and pay taxes, unlike in other parts of the world.

3- Bespoke condoms are sold in Amsterdam, there is a shop specializing in condoms, which offers tailor-made products for the most demanding or curious. In fact, the store sells all kinds of condoms, including allergy-free, funny, and even printed ones. Amsterdam prides itself on its social liberalism and drug decriminalization policy, prostitution is a job like any other.
However, not the entire population is liberal, unions often publish lists of company names that reject these escorts as clients. There are countless opinions on the subject, the Red Light District is above all a very beautiful region, it is worth visiting, the buildings are beautiful, many of which have existed for 300 years. The windows with working women are marked with red lights, a unique place.

prostitutes from amsterdam4- Many theories explain the emergence of colored light bulbs, such as that of the railwaymen who took red lanterns and placed them on the doors of brothels, and many simply believe that red is the color of sex, of sin, well, lighting For tourists and local customers, the strategy worked! Near the places of prostitution there are many sex concert halls, cafeterias that sell drugs (legalized), sex shops, restaurants etc ... All prostitutes offer condoms and do not usually charge. For the accessory, despite not being required, many girls regularly test themselves and present the results to the clients who request it, proving that they do not have sexually transmitted diseases, this is very interesting.

5- You may hire a "delivery" service as the profession is legal in the country, hotels do not usually prohibit the entry of escorts. How to pay a prostitute in Amsterdam? Well, here there is no secret friend, like the Madrid escorts, sex is paid in cash, however, some accept cards, but of course, it is better to fix everything before sex so that there are no problems. Do prostitutes turn away clients? Of course, they can reject customers and also want them to consider strangers, better to have common sense.

large number of escorts6- New proposal, it seems that the prostitution windows of the Red Light District in Amsterdam have their days numbered, that is, they will be closed, as determined by the city council. A new "erotic spot" will be installed away from the center to relocate the escorts from the city. The idea is to close a significant number of shop windows, the issue was supported by a large number of political parties. According to studies, the escorts who work in the shop windows have become a tourist attraction, attracting abuse. It is a reconfiguration of the city, the tourist must enjoy the beauty of the city and the social and cultural freedom but without abuses, times are changing, the prostitutes of Madrid are also waiting for changes in the legislation, many proposals are happening and promises, we will wait for new settings promised for a new post on the subject.

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