BeginningMagazineDo you want to be Voyer? | The pleasure of peeking

Do you want to be Voyer? | The pleasure of peeking

An exciting and at the same time controversial practice for many, the sexual exhibitionism that consists of looking at the act, looking at the other, is increasingly present in the imagination of people.

Voyer has already been studied, this different feeling leads all its practitioners to climax, more and more this taboo is broken for the happiness of all addicts to show off, or look at the pleasure of others. There are many swing clubs around the world, this incredible sexual experience is shared by countless couples and boyfriends.

do you want to be voyerThe voyer loves to show off, to be looked at, to have his intimacy exposed without prejudice, to learn new sexual sensations by sharing sex with people, he needs to want the same thing, which is not always the case. An excellent alternative is to hire escorts that provide voyeur service, in this way you can attend swinger clubs or who knows, call a third person to initiate you in voyeur practice. Other people begin their voyeur experiences virtually, this would be the first step in testing whether they are comfortable moving forward.

After your virtual voyeur experience, now is the time to go to reality, in the real world the sensations, the touch, the looks, the gasping breath are increased, all this will provide the best of sex for anyone looking to be voyeur .

As mentioned above, there are many swing clubs for you to take your partner or a hired escort, luxury places, environments prepared for you to practice and enjoy the best of sex, change partners, see people having sex in front of you , without guilt. , fearless and with total discretion!

The choice of partner will surely depend on several issues, but for those who are initially looking for a different sexual adventure, being a voyer is an excellent option, a new world to explore, many fun options, you will meet many people who love this sexual practice, to beginners or it is best to have your first experience with an escort, in this way your privacy will be maintained and initially you will test your limits.

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