Advertiser questions

 How long does it take to publish my ad in Madridclass?

Your ad will be published within 24 hours after sending the data and proof of payment by email or whatsapp.

How many photos can I send?

Send 5 to 15 photos along with the personal text that will be on your page, if necessary we will make adjustments for a better presentation

On which pages will my ad + character be in the Madrid class?

After choosing the city for publication (Madrid or Barcelona) your ad will appear on the main page for the chosen time, see our rate table. Ad inclusion It will also appear in all neighborhoods of the chosen city. However, if you prefer, you can choose the neighborhoods that will not serve you, in this way, your ad + home page and in the available neighborhoods that you choose.

Can I exchange the photos of my ad in Madridclass?

Yes, you can exchange up to 4 photos per month at no additional cost, to exchange more than 4 photos 10 euros will be charged. Every time you renew the ad, you can exchange the photos at no additional cost.

Can I remove or suspend my ad?

For Exclusion, you can delete your ad in Madridclass whenever you want, it will be a maximum of 24 hours prior request, preferably by email. We deal with the request to delete photos with the greatest urgency, in case you do not want to wait 24 hours just contact via whatsapp that your ad will be removed quickly. Add WhatsApp for fast communication. For temporary suspension, if necessary, your ad + will be suspended and the balance can be used in the future, to suspend your ad, remember to make the request by email 24 hours in advance. In this way, when you want to save your ad, you will have a balance to be used, add our whatsapp for quick communication.

Can I link to my website or social network?

Yes, you can include up to 1 link by adding 10 euros, we reserve the right to review the link for approval. For more information, please add our whatsapp for quick communication.

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