BeginningMagazineHow much does it cost to make your sex suite?

How much does it cost to make your sex suite?

The existence of a "sex suite" of some of Europe's famous and wealthy artists has piqued the curiosity of the Internet in recent days. If you are interested and would like to have a luxurious sex suite, with neon lights, a large bed and erotic accessories, you should know that the investment is high and can reach $ 100,000 depending on your choices, according to sources from the erotic and escort market of luxury who have already lived this experience.

thematic suitesSome establishments and houses have themed suites, equipped with accessories and erotic products, such as handcuffs, whips, masks, sensual cosmetics, as well as furniture and lighting.
Many couples are interested in trying the sex suite, but are embarrassed to buy it or do not want to have it at home. You have a themed suite, large bed, removable roof, heated pool and all the imaginable accessories to have all your sexual fantasies at your fingertips, with your wife, or with the experienced Madrid escorts.

All this structure of pleasure, this erotic world, offers many fantasies, erotic fetishes, pleasures to explore, tables with accessories, places with upholstery, special handcuffs attached to walls prepared and illuminated so that you can enjoy all your imagination, test your limits, in Madrid many escorts can help you set up your sex suite.

sex suite with escortsThere are warm colors for sex, a visual stimulant, which, according to the usual ones, increases libido, tests were carried out in Madrid with escorts, and the result was really favorable, showing that in addition to having a great sexual partner, the environment is essential to have the best of sexual experiences.

The environments were tested and the results were obvious, red and its variations were the champions of the hour of sex. Combining warm colors in each sex room, walls, furniture, lighting, will make the environment irresistible and addictive according to the users who have experienced this situation.

The luxury escorts reported incredible experiences with their clients, many were really surprised by the environment that is provided for intimate relationships. If you are curious or want to set up your sex suite, hire an expert on the subject and have the perfect erotic environment to fulfill your most secret sexual fantasies.

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