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Sexual Fantasies | Men's and Women's Favorites

Most common sexual fantasies

Most people have fantasies, don't think they are just men! Men and women fantasize about many things: earning a lot of money without working, a vacation in a heavenly place, a promotion with many advantages, a whole day doing just what you want or simply doing nothing ... Fantasizing is part of human nature. , especially because it is fun, and especially because it is something that only you know. Just as we fantasize about travel, better jobs, fantasy is often related to our feeling aspirations and that's where sexual fantasies come in. It is very common for men and women to fantasize, from the most common sexual fantasies, such as exhibitionism, making an appointment with escorts, seductive lingerie to BDSM ...

We will list some common sexual fantasies in the imagination of men and women:

Oral sex

oral sex fantasiesOral sex, which should not even be considered a fantasy, but a reality for all who like to receive or do oral. One point to consider is that the practice can be related to other fantasies, such as domination and submission. When a woman or escort has oral sex, she can see herself as submissive, serving the person with whom she has relations, in addition to being dominant, "taking" the sexual organ of the person to do what she wants, with the permissions suitable, of course. On the other hand, receiving oral sex can also make you feel like a queen, a dominator.

Threesome and Orgies

threesomes and orgies

Sex with multiple partners involves sex with more than one partner of the same sex or of different sexes. Sex with three partners can be called a threesome and others can be called an orgy. Studies published by different researchers indicate that men are more interested in sex than three, preferably with two women, in contrast, women's fantasies were more likely to include same-sex partners and famous people.

Anal sex

anal sexDespite being a type of sex, many people are uncomfortable with anal sex. This is not to say that they cannot fantasize about the subject. Many women even want to try this practice, but this requires that the couple be patient and know how to respect the limits of the couple, since men have anal sex as a much more accessible fantasy, since for that they do not even need to do it with their couple, many men prefer to hire a luxury escort and fulfill this sexual fantasy with total discretion.

Sex in public

public sexAnother very common sexual fantasy among men is having sex in public and being watched or discovered. Exhibitionism, the taboo of potentially being caught, seen or heard, excites the male imagination. People often like to go to a hotel and walk around naked with the windows open or have sex at a friend's house, their parents 'house, or their partner's parents' house. Remember, however, that experiencing this fantasy in real life is risky, as sex and nudity in public places can have legal consequences (not to mention embarrassment).

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