BeginningMagazineMy first experience as an escort in Madrid

My first experience as an escort in Madrid

I will tell you about my first experience as an escort, I work in an agency in Madrid and I will tell you about my first date.
The owner of the agency gave me a brief interview on WhatsApp, it was a group of 5 girls, they welcomed me well, I noticed that she checked the availability of each of the girls to organize work during the week.
I was about to make my first appointment as an escort in Madrid, I was curious and also worried, I wondered what my first client would be like, I decided to go ahead and confirmed that I could during the weekend, she guided me in relation to the times and the best clothes, of course all this depends on the profile of the client.
On Saturday I arrived and got dressed, I was at home at 8 in the morning, I arrived and there were 4 more girls, they were finishing breakfast, she agreed a few times and these hours corresponded to each girl,
experience as an escortWe got up, we helped clean the kitchen, when we finished the owner of the agency commented that we were going to enlist and told me that we were going to talk a little bit, to give me some advice, then 2 men entered and the girls received them and went directly to Their rooms.

He told me to go upstairs, change my clothes and get ready to receive my first client, his name was Samuel and he was a regular in the house, I went up to my room and began to do my makeup and comb my hair, I put on a short and very sexy outfit
At 4 pm I was already waiting for Samuel, he arrived at 4:20 am, those twenty minutes were an eternity for me, I was ready, but also a little nervous, since it would be the first time I would see a man thinking. about work. When they told me that Samuel had arrived I was very curious to meet him, he was a tall man of almost 1.80 and very handsome, I greeted him with a kiss on the cheek and we went to the bedroom.

We got to the room and closed the door, we were face to face, I took his hand and brought it to my abdomen, I turned my back on him, he leaned against me and began to caress my breasts, and he moved his hand. to around my waist, I was excited, I realized that he was also fully involved in the situation. I knew he was my first client, he initially respected my inexperience, we stayed like that for a while.
Samuel raised his hands to my shoulders with his fingers, turned around and grabbed the straps of my shirt and lowered them into my arms leaving my breasts exposed, I turned my back to him, he hugged me again, he continued to caress them, I walked away, I put the shirt and asked him to shower. He came out with a towel so I got up and gave him a big kiss that he loved, I took off the towel and started jerking him off, he was so horny.

paid sex with escortI took him to the edge of the bed and sat down, his penis was growing, it was very moving to see how big and thick it was, before he was all erect I put his little head in my mouth, I began to suck and Samuel shuddered with pleasure, At one point he grabbed my head and began to move in such a way that it gave me a lot of pleasure, so we spent about ten minutes, he took off all my clothes, I could see that he was very excited. , my vagina felt very wet, he started with his tongue playing in my vagina it was super cool, I was enjoying playing with that man. I put the condom on him with some difficulty since his penis was big and thick.

He grabbed me, I positioned myself to penetrate me, which was not difficult, since I was very wet, I began to moan naturally, I was feeling pleasure with that situation.
I felt his testicles hitting my clitoris, it was incredible that he controlled the penetrations, sometimes he took everything off and put it back on, after about 10 minutes he was super hot and with that tongue game he calmed me down, so he took my hips. and he put it on four I moaned a lot, he penetrated me faster and faster, he grabbed my tail and asked me to keep moving, I moved slowly in such a way that when I went up I reached the tip of his penis and he came down, I felt that all his cock inside was too big

I work with an escort from MadridHe grabbed my ass and lowered it quickly and at that moment he would not let me get up I heard a great moan from him and I knew he had come, the condom was full of semen, it was very gratifying to see the condom full of semen and his face satisfied, in That moment my work as Madrid escorts began.
I kissed him again, he got up and went to the bathroom, he left with his clothes, but I asked him not to leave, there was time and we could play a little more, he told me that I had to go, so I put I got to four legs and I told him look, I'm still horny, don't leave me like that, he started playing with his tongue, he wet me even more, then Samuel couldn't hold it, he put the condom back on He continued and penetrated me with force, he spoke words in my ear, he said that I was the most beautiful prostitute in Madrid, it continued until I returned.

I realized that I had abused that man, my first experience as an escort in Madrid had finally happened, and it was much better than I had planned.
After that day my life was never the same again, I realized that I was working as an escort because I like it, I really had a gift for this profession of paid sex.
Every time I attended a man I felt fulfilled and I always wanted more, this is the story of a escort recently arrived from Madrid who continues to offer my services to anyone looking for new experiences in sex, today I know how to work very well and I love leaving men completely exhausted, I hope you enjoyed my story.

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