BeginningMagazineMy first time as a prostitute in Madrid | True story

My first time as a prostitute in Madrid | True story

Hi, I'm Vera, my story is real and it happened to me 3 years ago, today I am 27 years old, 1.71 tall, 62 kg, light skin, well formed butt and medium breasts. 3 years ago I had separated from my husband, I met him when I was still a teenager, he was my first boyfriend, I lost my virginity to him, we got married and lived together until I was 24, when I discovered his betrayal with a friend from his work I was very upset and we separated, there I really wanted to be a whore, to be with all the men in the world, but of course I did not have the courage. My life changed radically, especially in the clothes I used to wear, since my ex-husband was very jealous and would not let me go out with shorter or sexy clothes, since my body attracted a lot of attention.

be a prostituteI always liked taking care of my body, a good diet and going to the gym were part of my routine, and I thought it was time to start enjoying my freedom and leaving my old life behind. A very handsome friend started talking to me more and more and the topics became more and more spicy, until one day we decided to arrange a dinner. I looked beautiful, I was in tight pants, high heels, all made up, after a while and many glasses of wine we decided to go to the hotel room, unfortunately it was a disappointing night, the man was too shy and the worst. , he had a small penis, it was the first and also the last time with him.

I told this story to Milena, who was a friend of many years and worked as a prostitute in Madrid, I joked with her that I had no luck and that if my sex life did not improve I would end up becoming a whore like her. . Milena was an incredible woman, I think one of the most beautiful prostitutes in the city, every time we saw each other, I noticed that her phone kept ringing. About 2 weeks later, Milena and I meet up, talk, drink wine, etc.
Soon after, her phone starts ringing, there were many calls, all from men, some were beautiful wanting to go out with her and still pay, I was unhappy.

sex with prostitutesThat day I became interested in Milena's work, I had many doubts about how to be a prostitute, or how to be a luxury escort, she explained the good things and also the bad things. The other week she found out that I also needed money, I think that was the key point, she already wanted to know the world of prostitution, but initially out of curiosity, but when this factor joined the economic need to my transformation it was inevitable.

We marked my first day, I bought short clothes, sexy socks and everything to drive men crazy for having sex with me, at that moment I was already thinking about customers, about money. She was a beautiful, impeccable woman, I went to my friend's apartment, she said that the first man who would go out with me would be an acquaintance of hers, and that if I liked the situation, I would simply share my sexy photos through the escort directories that exist in Madrid. At 10 at night he arrives, his name is Juan, Milena had already left me alone in his apartment a while before, when I open the door, I was impressed, he was a tall, strong man, he was fragrant and he was very friendly.

We started talking about everything, after about 15 minutes he starts talking about my friend and he says he knows it's my first job as a prostitute. Then he comes up to me and asks: do you really want to be a prostitute? Even though I don't feel completely safe, I say YES! Juan then does something unexpected, he puts 300 euros to bed, and says that as soon as I take that money I would be his whore, as soon as I took the money he took me gently by the waist and we started walking, he gave me a little kiss My hand was shaking, I was nervous.

prostitute storyI sat on the bed and crossed my legs so that he could see me completely, I saw the desire in his eyes, that turned me on a lot, I think at that point I was already beginning to like being a real whore of a man, they paid me for that, and I thought, time to get to work!
He took off my bodice, took my breasts and kissed me, I was constantly moaning, my head with the messy hair in his face he was moaning on the bed, my body was going crazy with every breath I took, so I understood why my friend said that I would. Have a nice surprise, he had a big penis, which would undoubtedly do wonders, he was very excited.

He took off all my clothes in a hurry and started kissing me all over my body, when I least expected it he turned me on my back and started kissing my buttocks, getting super excited, sighing in my ear, saying that the first thing I did what I should to know is that clients love to have anal sex and that, as a good prostitute, I must follow your orders. I took his penis and put it in my ass, I screamed with pleasure and could not bear it for a long time, it was the most amazing sex of my life.

Let's finish here, this is my story, I was betrayed by my husband, my friend worked as a luxury escort, I needed money and I loved my first client. These factors totally helped me to work for 2 years as a prostitute in the city of Madrid, I ended up falling in love with a client and I stopped, it was not easy, of course I do not recommend it, today I have a totally different life and I am very happy!

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