BeginningMagazineThe escorts advise: have you talked about sex today?

The escorts advise: have you talked about sex today?

Many say, the more you talk about sex, the less you do, Madrid escorts totally disagree, talking about your preferences is essential to be successful sexually. According to studies, the more openly we talk about our sexuality, the more likely we are to be happy in the relationship. Many couples assume they have a hard time talking about sex, partner communication is not always transparent about sexual intimacy. Sex is one of the ways to connect with the person you love, it is normal to feel the urge to reveal yourself sentimentally, in this way, the other will know what we want sexually, and so we can all be happy and satisfied, avoiding fights and betrayals, According to the escorts consulted, this is one of the main complaints of their clients.

talk about sexBut it is not easy to talk about sex, we grew up with the idea that sex is forbidden, dirty, ugly, this education has its effects over time, the natural thing is to adapt to our bodily needs, sex is one of them, however Some people still have blocks to speak openly on the subject, when there is no development, disinhibition, this block ends up impairing better communication about sex. Many works have been published in this sense, we need to evolve sexually, learn about the naturalness of the sexual act, without restrictions, expose the needs and understand that we are different people and we have our own wills, just check the number of sexual fantasies. Denounced by Madrid escorts, who fulfill countless sexual fantasies to make up for this lack of innovation, the routine ends up being the largest provider of clients for those who make a living from prostitution, the erotic world will always make up for this lack, this is inevitable. .

sexual fantasies of the escortsProstitutes are real experts on this issue, because in addition to the body, they communicate directly with their clients, asking for desires, sexual fantasies, that is the big difference. We learned to explore our bodies, learn about physical pleasure, countless cases improved sexual communication only after infidelity, after the crisis set in. Many men to complement or innovate their lives carry out their sexual fantasies with prostitutes in Madrid, infidelity can cause an earthquake in their lives, the truth is that if we pay attention to bodily signals, feelings, many situations can be avoided. Ideally, we should try, say what we like, talk about his fantasies, his wife is probably not a nun.

tips from escorts for sexSome people do not count their sexual desires for fear of being judged as perverted, as if it were an absurdity, an aberration, many simply solve this lack with the escorts available on the internet. Talk openly about our sexuality, pay conscious attention to details. . Choose the moment, do not only talk about sex when you are having sex, it is important that the conversations also take place outside the sexual act. Pay attention to visual communication and body signals, be careful with your words, be clear and honest with your expectations. Get your message across in a warm, light, and caring way.

Explore new paths, it is normal for us to feel insecure, or legal life and we will learn, explore feelings and hidden possibilities, help or next to a prazer area, be sexually complete, correct our mistakes and an excellent path, it will be difficult to be smart, peça ajuda. If you have difficulties for sex, you will be embarrassed, maybe an escort from Madrid will be able to show you the segregated sex in a luxurious environment with many surprises, then you will learn or learn a full sexual life.

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