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7 Tips to Improve Sexual Performance

Today we will talk about the seven tips to improve sexual performance: We know that sexuality is one of the most important parts of the relationship, or on a date with a beautiful escort, after all, sexual desire is one of the instincts more expressive than we carry. While it is difficult for people to speak openly about issues related to sexuality, the truth is that having an active sex life has myriad benefits for individual health and well-being.

1. Physical exercises help during sexual intercourse

exercise to improve sexAccording to studies, exercise is a natural stimulant for both men and women. Studies say that physical activity was associated with a lower risk of having erection problems in men, imagine that you schedule an appointment with an escort in Madrid and when sex goes wrong. For that result, the men participated in an eight-month exercise program. After these physical activities, they said that the frequency of sexual activity increased naturally, and consequently performance reached surprising levels. Therefore, eliminating sedentary lifestyle has been shown to help you have a full and enjoyable sex life naturally. The same study shows that when it comes to taking care of the body, people are well resolved, like their curves and this provides a better performance in bed. When it comes to having sex, it is important to let yourself be carried away by the situation, take your time, understand your partner and have the most fun enjoying each part of your body. If you are already following these tips, how about having a sexual test with a luxury escort, in Madrid there are many who would love to do this sexual evaluation.

2. Train breathing and delay ejaculation with escorts

ejaculation with escortsPracticing breathing is important for those who seek total control of the body and mind, this work creates a connection with oneself and with the partner physically, yoga can help in this work. To increase the pleasure of both, it is important to know how to delay ejaculation, there are several ways to do it, good communication, knowing how to slow down movements is one of the most effective ways to increase your sexual stamina, escorts are experts in this art They will surely be able to help you.

3. Do you sleep well to have sex or do you have sex to sleep well?

They seem to be intertwined, the truth is that if you have a rested body, you have slept well, you will have much more desire and sex will be much better. Therefore, the quality of sleep is important to have that good and naughty sex and sleeping more is just having more sex, in addition to reducing and controlling stress, another tip is the use of condoms, delay ejaculation, so practice. Of course we always use a condom when we have sex with escorts, in this way we end up training ejaculation in the most pleasant way possible.

4. Correct nutrition to increase sexual libido

Have you tried aphrodisiac foods? While a large meal should be avoided so as not to end the desire and even cause some discomfort, there are foods that increase libido and are more than welcome. Foods for sexual "friends" include a variety of items ranging from chocolate to oysters. Fruits are also welcome.

5. Eliminating cigarettes and reducing alcohol helps with sexual intercourse

Quitting smoking will bring countless benefits to your life and will also help you improve your sexual relationships. About 39% of male smokers have erection problems.
Cigarettes and excessive alcohol consumption are not good for anyone, check your habits, whether it is to have more pleasant sex or to have a healthy life.

6. A little wine can even help

On the other hand, research has already shown that small doses of wine can even contribute to health. There have been studies that indicated that women who drank wine had a better sex life than others, but there are always caveats, always in moderation!

7. Lose your shyness with luxury escorts

Many men are shy when it comes to having sex, this ends up interfering with love relationships, sometimes due to inexperience with women or simply because of the fear of not corresponding with their partner. There are many reports of men using escorts to solve this shyness, to gain experience and learn the tricks of the moment of sex. With being sex workers everything is easier, since there is no love and family involvement. If you are going through this situation, your problems will surely be solved, you only have a sexual encounter with an escort of your choice, learn positions, feel your breath, enjoy training and you will be ready for new sexual adventures without fear of making mistakes.

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