BeginningMagazineWhat secrets do escorts reveal about men during sex?

What secrets do escorts reveal about men during sex?

Gwy worked as a luxury escort for 12 years and slept with more than 10,000 clients, she said. The woman has written a book, where she reveals the secrets of success in sex and also everything that men love in bed. In her book, the former escort unravels the sex industry and teaches professionals how to be successful in their sexual careers. She was 21 when she started out as a prostitute and reveals that the most important thing for clients is "that they feel important and loved."

horny women"They love horny women, it's the main fantasy," he says. She says it's important to make it look like "we love it, even if we're faking it." «They are ordinary men who want to have fun and want to know if we are also having fun, that concern is great, many times I was having a lot of fun.
Many escorts want to use elaborate techniques and compete with each other, this should be avoided, he assures her. «Do not try to overcome other people, be yourself, respect your limits.

"One of the secrets is that there are men who are looking for women who are not so pretty, probably because they feel shy, opting for escorts with more common looks, that is, in this sector there is work for everyone," he revealed. . "The main tip to be successful in the world of sex, you don't always have to" be the femme fatale, or the prettiest on the prostitute classifieds site, but it is important to be confident, prepared, feel comfortable and secure with your body «

It is not true that men only want young women. With her experience, Gwy makes sure that women can be successful at different ages and that women in their 30s, 40s and 50s often make a lot of money. We verify this success, with the Milf escorts, this category has been standing out positively in practically all web directories, the success is so much that many prostitutes end up extending their retirement from the adult sector.

secrets about men's sex"The woman decided to write a guide, which helps and empowers women who enter the sex industry, many women enter the erotic world due to financial difficulties." With so much experience of this escort that has more than 10,000 sexual services, her advice and her look at the erotic world, she will not only be able to guide or help in some way the prostitutes of Madrid but also give us a different look. consumers of paid sex.

Having this more complete vision of escorts from a professional point of view can improve the coexistence between them and their clients, after all, treating these professionals with all the respect they deserve is the least that we all should do, regardless of age or physical characteristics. He also comments that some men hire the services of escorts to change roles, wear women's clothing, among others.

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