BeginningMagazineDo you have sexual dreams of celebrities or escorts?

Do you have sexual dreams of celebrities or escorts?

Sex dreams are common to all people, some even reach orgasm during sleep. Others even wake up confused with the erotic dream that happened, dreaming that we had a relationship with someone, does it mean that we want to have sex with her?
Experts indicate that the 89% of dreams occur when we are in the fifth stage of sleep, in this state, our brain is as active as when we are awake.

erotic dreams with escortsDuring sleep, the active areas of the brain are those that control emotions, specifically the limbic system, which is responsible for creating and controlling both good and bad emotions. Daring sexual experiences, sex with famous people or sex with beautiful escorts arouse passion and have always intrigued scholars of human behavior.

Erotic dreams can mean many things, or simply mean nothing, the fact is that this sexual situation is active in our thoughts, that's all.
Some scholars relate erotic dreams to sexual desires, repressed sexual fantasies, the erotic dream is considered liberating because there are no limits or social judgments, this moment is yours alone, your thoughts are free to have sex with a famous person or simply with a prostitute.

sexual fantasies dreamsThe erotic dream is not under our control, that's why some situations seem strange when they happen, and we try to find a reason, an explanation.
Many point out some factors to justify the erotic dream, some cite admiration, beauty, subordination, submission, domination, having a luxury escort as a lover, among others.

Dreaming of someone does not always mean that you want to have sex with him, random and inexplicable situations still dominate the human brain.
Many consider erotic dreams extremely pleasant, which give us many innovative sexual experiences, this uncontrolled erotic fun is part of our lives, and sometimes these dreams come true, how about meeting a magnificent Madrid escort and fulfilling all your fantasies more secret sex.

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