BeginningMagazineDo you know the fakes news about sex?

Do you know the fakes news about sex?

Over time, sex was the target of many trials, social condemnations, a feeling of guilt and a lot of ignorance, it is obvious that today we have an infinite number of ways to obtain truthful information on any subject, not then. Is there an appropriate age for a woman to lose her virginity?
This is one of the issues that most concern young people, we must first remember that there are penetrative and non-penetrative sex, both are considered sex. For example, there is no penetration among lesbians, but they do have sex. Therefore, most think about sex only when there is penetration, this misinformation remains for many to this day, however, if we think that losing virginity is when a woman loses her hymen, that is, when there is penetration, the appropriate age will depend on various factors, such as the maturity of the couple, the affection achieved up to that moment, among others ...
For men there is social pressure so that they do not take too long to lose their virginity, even friends encourage them to have sex with escorts, this decision will also depend on the aforementioned factors.

Does sex always have to be spontaneous?

spontaneous sexIt is common to think this way, it is true that unexpected situations happen throughout life, such as a fortuitous encounter, sex that was not "programmed", the taste of conquest. These situations leave their mark, delicious encounters, these memories seem eternal and end up generating exaggerated expectations for our partners.
Let's do some comparisons, you don't just eat when you're really hungry, right? You don't even sleep when you're tired, do you? Adult life requires a series of commitments and the almost total commitment of your time, what we are left with are working hours and days off. In this way, most people end up practically programming their relationships, however, it is necessary to get out of the routine whenever possible. But you are not alone, many say that your sex life is too programmed, however, look for alternatives to spice up your relationship, who knows, maybe meet an incredible Madrid escort and enjoy incredible moments.

Is it true that men have more sexual desires than women?
We know that testosterone increases sexual desire, but let's not forget that all human beings have testosterone and estrogen in very different amounts. There are men with more sexual desires, and we also have many women who want to have sex all the time. This myth is socially influenced, promiscuity is frowned upon by women, and from men we always expect their full disposition and virility, many prostitutes are socially discriminated against for their work, on the other hand, men are hardly reproached when they say they have had sex. With the escorts in Madrid, our society is like this.

Do Aphrodisiacs Really Increase Desire?
No natural substance found so far increases sexual desire, there are substances that make us more uninhibited, such as alcohol and some drugs, but then damage our sexual response. There are some substances that improve blood circulation favoring your sexual performance, but this does not mean that there is a proven increase in desire, some supposedly aphrodisiac foods help some people, but according to studies due to the placebo effect and not precisely because of their chemical composition or organic.

Do you like big penises?
they like big penisesThis issue will be debated forever, although visually the size of the penis can cause more excitement in some people, the truth is that a few inches more or less will not affect the quality of the sexual act. The vagina and anus are not in deep points, the most pleasant points of these places are near the entrance and not the other way around. Sexually active women and many escorts participated in surveys to demystify the issue of the huge penis, women reported that they do not like a penis that is too large, as it causes discomfort and pain, and they do not like excessively small ones, less than 9 cm ...

In every relationship, do we need to have orgasms?
There is no doubt that it would be ideal, however, women have greater difficulty reaching climax, stimulation becomes mandatory for those who seek to reach orgasm during sex, but we are not always able to do so. Some prostitutes consulted state that many clients ask them to demonstrate that they are having intense orgasms during the service. This is really a strong sign that men like to satisfy their partners, but they are not always successful.

Who is in a relationship should never masturbate?
There are people who feel betrayed if they realize that their partner is masturbating, some women imagine that they are not attractive, this is a reason for insecurity and many doubts. This practice is considered healthy, if stimulating is exciting in all stages of our life, however, the ideal is to know how to dose, if the couple feels alone or abandoned by their masturbation, this will undoubtedly cause discomfort and conflicts in the relationship. How about giving life to this relationship, if you are very lonely, or you masturbate too much, maybe it is time to do something different, meet a luxury escort from Madrid, try full oral sex, or maybe that total anal sex , get out of the routine, try it.

They say that men always want to have sex!
men want to have sexOf course, this is not true, sexual desire is completely connected to various internal and external factors. The mood, the stress of the day, the physical and mental disposition also totally influence the decision to have sex or not.
We know that man instinctively always seeks or imagines having sex with beautiful women with exuberant bodies, it is part of masculine nature, in this tireless search for new sexual sensations, many end up having intimate encounters with beautiful prostitutes. This sexual fantasy is always fulfilled by all profiles of people, sexual desire does not depend on whether you are single or married, if your sexual partner is active or calmer. The fact is that we are always looking for someone new, and have a relationship with a escort in Madrid It is more than natural, since sex is good health, it is easy to keep your body up to date, the available escorts can help you with everything. your sexual questions, you will feel complete and fulfilled, no more myths and doubts, pleasure is at your fingertips.

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