BeginningMagazineDo you know weird fetishes and oriental whores?

Do you know weird fetishes and oriental whores?

Different Japanese fetishes - Japan is a world leader in the area of technology, what few people know is that they develop various toys for sexual fetishes. However, some sexual desires in Japan are different if we compare western sexual fantasies. Recent studies show that young people have taken longer to have stable relationships, many are single until the age of 33. In this cultural scenario and the lack of affection offers alternatives and different fetishes, many are even strange, see some of them;

rare bonecas and fetishesThe Japanese created erotic dolls, they are known as waifus, national companies dispute this sensual doll trade, many take these acquisitions very seriously, these pleasure dolls become their handcuffs, some consumers change their old dolls for dolls new if they say goodbye to the first with a funeral, really as if he were a member of the family. I think that an escort from Madrid would be more interesting than this sexy doll, what do you think?

Women were educated, they were taught not to fart in front of other people, this is cultural. Men are very curious, that is why this mystery has developed some strange fetishes, many fetishists ask them to release the gas on their faces, and if it is possible with noise, is it strange or not?

Imekura - Also from Japan, you have probably seen erotic videos with sex on buses, trains, planes, many bars and clubs make these themed decorations, sex fetishists love these environments, they can simulate their favorite fantasies by taking photos having fun with this situation .

oriental whores and weird fetishesBebigyaru - It is a variation of 'girl', this sexual fetish is exactly what it says and includes the name, diapers, pacifiers and bottles, the main feature of this fetish is to treat girls like babies, diaper fetishes although strange, it's hot there.

Zettai Ryouiki - This is one of Japan's most famous fetishes, the girls leave their thighs well exposed, usually in short skirts and long socks. Many movies and series portray the beautiful girls in these outfits that men love. Many say that this fetish has its origin in admiration for girls dressed in school uniforms. Other strange habits are part of the Japanese erotic universe with greater exposure of anime and series.

Working with sex in Japan is different when compared to prostitution in Madrid, the Japanese banned it in 1956, but many find different interpretations in the law to try to evade inspection, to evade the prohibition, people and homes offer massages , which supposedly doesn't involve sex. There it is common for you to pay just to talk, and others pay for their dances, or just to touch their breasts. However, we all know that the fun will not stop there, the houses also offer full services but not officially.

Let's make it clear, geishas have nothing to do with prostitution, the geisha is seen as a dignified, hardworking woman who has never indulged in prostitution, which has been very strong at times. According to the information obtained, most of the prostitutes who work in concert halls in Japan are Asian but not necessarily Japanese, many tourists believe that they are having sex with a Japanese woman, but she is probably Thai, Filipino, Chinese.
Oriental features end up camouflaging for Westerners the true origin of the girl, unlike Madrid escorts who usually relate their true origin in their profile.

oriental prostitutesMassage Prostitutes - Massage parlors are hugely successful, oriental workers work hard and need to relax, whether it's inside an onsen or in a massage room. In Japan you will find many different massage parlors. Some more famous houses offer the famous sexual massage, which includes generous touches on sexual organs, this erotic treatment can normally be scheduled on the internet, the meetings usually take place in hotels in the city. In the Spanish capital, massage parlors are also very successful, in this sense, Madrid escorts tend to serve their clients in the same way, you see, we are not so different!

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