BeginningMagazineHas your wife ever wanted to have lesbian sex?

Has your wife ever wanted to have lesbian sex?

My name is Brenda, I am 23 years old and I will tell you the first time I had sex with another woman. I am passionate about sex, I consider myself liberal, however, I have never had experiences with other women, but I recognize that curiosity has always followed me on this topic. I have some friends who have already fallen in love with other women and beautiful escorts, I found out about sensational experiences, they used to be married women or with boyfriends, who said that they had sex outside of marriage to complement their sexual life, I found it interesting. .

lesbian sexAfter listening to many reports, I was always imagining what it was like to be touched by another woman, I thought it was exciting, magical, but also, I was a little scared, after all I had never kissed another woman, I thought about seeking professional help , hiring an escort in Madrid would be a great option, so I would realize my sexual fantasy in a discreet way, without the involvement of people I know. A friend loved swing clubs, he was addicted to these places, he knew prostitutes and said that he had a lot of fun, drank, danced, met people and sometimes sex happened in a more spontaneous way, different from what we are accustomed, without judging. I was immensely curious. After asking me a lot of things about these houses he ended up realizing my desire to participate in some way, but I didn't want to go alone, he insisted and we went to a well-known house in Madrid, I really wanted. feel that atmosphere, the climax.

Although I was a liberal woman, I was nervous, we would go to the bar, have a few drinks and let me go more and more, I felt the curious stares on me, I was being totally watched, coveted by men and women that night.
They noticed that it was my first time in that environment, I saw other women, couples, there were also some escorts from Madrid, beautiful, with sexy clothes, lingerie and very short dresses. My friend had already warned me to wear a very short outfit, if I wanted to free myself and know sex in a different way, I plucked up my courage, went to the bathroom and changed my clothes. When I got back to the bar, people immediately realized that I wanted to have a lot of fun. I walked around the whole environment, paying attention to people, learning to act, I was moved to see the flirty atmosphere, people moaning, everything was new to me and I fell in love with the situation I was going through, I felt like a prostitute, ready to be approached by someone, my body shuddered as I realized what was about to happen.

lesbian sex in madridWhen I was reunited with my friend, he took me by the hand and led me to a room, they call it a dark room, he told me to be calm, that he would prepare a very pleasant surprise for me. That lack of light made me nervous at first, I started to touch myself, I felt a tongue wander through my body, little by little I felt another person also playing with my body, in the first moan I realized that there were 2 women touching me, kissing me I was excited, I was finally about to have the first lesbian experience of my life, they moaned and touched me at the same time, they called me a bitch, it was incredible.

Little by little my eyes got used to that dark room, and I realized that there were 2 men next to me, just looking at me, being touched, sucked by 2 other women, this erotic world is amazing, there I realized that I would fulfill all my sexual fantasies. They sucked me so hard that I reached an intense, unique and surprising orgasm. We reversed the positions and I began to suck the other woman, they dominated me, they had very long hair, they were tall and with incredible bodies, I got goose bumps with those incredible sighs.

After that day, my sex life totally changed, I am immensely grateful to my friend, he introduced me to a new world, he was very intelligent, in fact I had already planned this adventure for me, the 2 women who dominated me were escorts. and I worked in Madrid, I experienced eroticism in a complete way. I still like going out with men, but I also love women, they are delicate, I enjoy moments without haste, whenever I have opportunities I have sex with girls and also with Madrid escorts, in fact these sex workers are wonderful, charming girls, I had lucky to meet some and enjoyed every minute with these spectacular women.

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